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  • Your personal space – diary, notes, journal.

    Your personal life journal: diary & notes, protected with a password.


    • Daily diary
    • Notes and tasks list
    • Private and secure, protected by a password
    • Simple, clean and intuitive interface

    Diary is a simple, beautiful Diary application that will delight you with every detail.

    Special thanks to EmojiOne for the wonderful emoji icons used in the app.

    What people say about Diary

    Great graphics... A great app for me. Better then a paper dairy, because that can easily be opened. This can not. Just go to settings and switch to lock. Totally easy to use... Like the notes part of it too... Perfect for me!‼ 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
    by Jennifer Moezzi
    its gr8 it works perfectly.
    by Carisia Gallegos